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1986 homecoming rally. Photograph by Helen Gunderson.

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2013 Rolfe Alumni Reunion official web site

Rolfe Alumni Reunion flyers were mailed on Wednesday, January 30 (2013) to all alumni for whom the reunion committee has addresses.  If you know of someone (alumni, former classmate, friend, teacher) who wants one but did not receive one, please contact Clara Hoover. Also, in order to help future reunion committees, please let Clara know of any address changes, e-mail addresses or alumni deaths.

You may download the flyer; however, please note this PDF is not as crisp as the flyer itself, nor are the folds precise.  The flyer is also available on the reunion’s web site where you will find a variety of information about the July 13 Rolfe Alumni Reunion and Rolfe's Sesquicentennial Celebration on July 12-14. Also, the flyer includes the URL for the reunion Web site.

This web site will be updated as more information becomes available. Things have a way of changing, so check the web site frequently.  Bookmark it! In addition, the site provides many documents, including the flyer, which can be downloaded.  Please tell other people, especially any friends and family members who would not receive flyers, about the web site.

You may also want to join the Rolfe Community School Facebook group.  This site is updated by people who choose to belong to the group.  To the extent that people contribute, this site contains current Rolfe news and links to obituaries of Rolfe alumni.

The 2013 Committee Alumni Addresses

If you think the committee does not have your current mailing information, please send it to Clara Hoover. Also, many RHS folk have posted information in our where they are now section. You may visit the database, but it is no longer open for new entries.

2013 Rolfe alumni reunion official web site

The 2005 Committee

Report of 2005 Alumni All-class Reunion
by Helen D. Gunderson, Rolfe alumni web site editor

The Rolfe High School alumni all-class reunion was held on July 9, 2005, during the Greater Rolfe Days weekend. There was a 5pm social hour followed by a meal catered by Hy-vee at each of three locations. The classes of 1934 to 1949 met at the Lutheran Church, the classes of 1950 to 1965 at the community center, and the classes of 1966 to 1990 at the golf club.

That evening, there was a program for all classes at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Mary Lou Behrendson Shimon (RHS 1965) welcomed the visitors. Chris Pedersen (RHS 1974) was the emcee. Ken Kerns (RHS 1956) announced the oldest returning class. It was the class of 1934 represented by Lorene Kipfer Hansen of Rolfe. The second oldest class was represented by Deane Gunderson of Rolfe and Marie Hosier Noll of Arthur, Iowa. Gus Brinkman (RHS 1974) announced a newly-created Rolfe alumni scholarship fund to be awarded each year to a graduate of the Pocahontas Area Community Schools who is a resident of the Rolfe area.

In the minds of many, the music was the highlight of the program. It was a delight to watch director John Nielsen, a Rolfe area farmer and live-long musician, in action as he inspired the community chorus. The diverse group of singers created music that wafted throughout the sanctuary, lifted spirits, and even brought a standing ovation. The chorus did a resoundingly excellent performance of "On Top of the World" made popular by the Carpenter's in the 1970s, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," and "God Bless America." chorus roster

Marilee Kleespies accompanied the chorus on piano. She also played clarinet and directed a multi-generational band that she had assembled during the summer. The band accompanied a large crew of cheerleaders and the crowd for the "Rolfe Loyalty." Later the band concluded the evening with another rousing round of the school song. The music certainly added spirit, delight, and nostalgia to the occasion. Marilee is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Rolfe area piano teacher, organist, substitute teacher, and is married to Bill Kleespies, former owner and manager of Bill's Food Store. band roster   wmv video clip of cheerleaders  wmv video clip of band

We give a heartfelt thanks to the committee that made the reunion possible, the speakers at the program, musicians and their directors. There is the old slogan that Rolfe has used, "Some bigger, none better." It seems that no other town or alumni group could have done a better job of organizing a community celebration and all-class reunion.

There was a whole slate of activities over the weekend, including a parade on Saturday. Thanks to all those folks for helping make the weekend come alive for all of us alumni who descended on Rolfe for the reunion. It was wonderful to sit at the library in the evening after the reunion and look at memorabilia and visit with people. It was a bit spooky in the ways that the gathering there was a reminder of yesteryear when Main Street was "the place to be" on Saturday nights and the place was abuzz with cars, commerce, other activity, and conversation.

Of course, the reunion would not be what it was without alumni, former faculty, and friends of the community returning to Rolfe for the occasion. And there were many side events for individual classes. For instance, the class of 1955 was headquartered at the Bill and Peggy Kemna farm. The class of 1960 had its own reunion dinner. The class of 1975 had a music jam and sponsored a duck race on Pilot Creek to raise funds for the scholarship fund. And who knows what other classes had special gatherings. For instance, driving by the Jack and Karen DeWolf farm on the way home after the reunion, we saw that there were several cars gathered there and many lights ablaze. So if people have photos of the reunited classes or other images of the weekend, send them to us to post.

A Note of Thanks from the 2005 All-class Reunion Committee

We want to say thank you to all who helped make our 2005 all school reunion a success — Marion Pirie, Phyllis Sellers, and all the ladies that helped to carry out a wonderful bed-turning, quilt show, Mark and Deborah Bruellman for their work on a great car show, and Jennifer Trenary for all the computer help.

A big thank you to all the people that helped us set up and clean up after the banquet, to all the young people that helped us serve, to John Nielsen and the community choir, to Marilee Kleespie and the community band, to Chris Pedersen and Kenton Kerns for their parts in the program, and to those involved in the Greater Rolfe Days celebration and events.

Thanks also to the librarians — Karen Kerns, Bette Brinkman, and Brenda Reis, Friends of the Library, and others who helped set up the display of Rolfe memorabilia and made the library a hub of activity. To Andy Woiwood, middle school principal for helping gather items for the display, and to those who brought items in for display. To all who contributed to the Rolfe Alumni Scholarship Fund.

If you enjoyed your time in Rolfe and went home with more special memories of your Alma Mater, all of the effort was worth it! Nancy Martin has started a list of volunteers for the 2010 reunion committee. E-mail her if you want to add your name!

Thank you all,

The 2005 RHS Reunion Committee

The 2000 Committee

  • Dean Behrendsen, 1967
  • Sandy Spencer Behrendsen, 1968 (co-chairperson)
  • Jennie DeLong Gardewine, Cedar Rapids @1991
  • Todd Gardewine, 1979
  • Helen Gunderson, 1963
  • Susan Johnson, 1958
  • Madonna Metzger Marine, West Bend @1974
  • Mike Marine, 1971
  • Sarah MacVey Munson, Pensacola Christian 1976
  • Lawrence Nelson, West Bend 1951
  • Marilyn Erickson Nelson, 1954
  • Jim Shimon, 1979
  • Tammy Pederson Shimon, 1983
  • Curt Sindergard, 1977
  • Bob Wagner, 1983
  • Sherri Plantz Wagner, Pocahontas 1987
  • Jim Winthers, Webb 1963
  • Joann Gaskill Winthers, 1965 (co-chairperson)
  • Deane Gunderson, 1935, was an ex-officio committee member. He volunteered a marathon of time to detective work to find addresses for missing alumni. 

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