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The following photos were taken during the 1970s. Click on photo for an enlarged view. Use your Back button to return here:

060.jpg (30503 bytes)
Jane Webb - 1979
She and her husband Morris owned Webb's Drug Store that had a popular soda fountain.

041.jpg (47430 bytes)
Conoco gas station - 1979

094.jpg (43324 bytes)
Rolfe State Bank sign circa 1978

095.jpg (26235 bytes)
Bob Dixon at Rolfe State Bank circa 1978

096.jpg (21327 bytes)
Don Shoemaker at Rolfe State Bank circa 1978

097.jpg (22748 bytes)
Rob Dixon at Rolfe State Bank circa 1978

099.jpg (15891 bytes)
Susan Johnson at Rolfe State Bank circa 1978
She's a 1958 RHS graduate and member of the
all-class reunion committee.

098.jpg (22166 bytes)
The clerical staff at Rolfe State Bank circa 1978

114.jpg (35248 bytes)
Rolfe veterinarians circa 1978
Left to right: Jack Feldman, Lou Feldman, Dean Duitscher

113.jpg (25320 bytes)
L.M. "Louie" Paulsen, veterinarian assistant circa 1978

032.jpg (25503 bytes)
Alice Johnson, sales clerk at Wold Hardware circa 1978

033.jpg (29294 bytes)
Arnie Wold at his hardware store circa 1978

035.jpg (20621 bytes)
Bonnie Wolfe, insurance agent circa 1978

037.jpg (25488 bytes)
Bill and Bill Brinkman at Brinkman Auto circa 1878

046.jpg (17362 bytes)
Don Spencer, postmaster circa 1978

047.jpg (20910 bytes)
Dr. R.B. Ranney, dentist circa 1978

423.jpg (33149 bytes)
Marion A. Gunderson, librarian - 1978

058.jpg (17492 bytes)
Harrold Calligan circa 1975
Rose Calligan collection

103.jpg (31488 bytes)
Chevrolet and Standard Oil signs and buildings circa 1978

102.jpg (33949 bytes)
Staff and customers at soda fountain at Calligan
Sundries circa 1978.
Women left to right: Lavonne Howland, Rose Calligan, Erla Howland.

045.jpg (18162 bytes)
Rolfe Depot - 1973

1976-homecoming_court.jpg (31948 bytes)
Homecoming Court -1976
Joyce Brinkman, Joan Allen, Sue Pedersen

1973-girls_basketball-2.jpg (48993 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1973-74
Coach Van Houten

1973-girls_basketball-1.jpg (34104 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1973-74
Julie Brinkman

1973-girls_basketball-6.jpg (23727 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1973-74
Julie Brinkman

1973-girls_basketball-3.jpg (26564 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1973-74
Sharon Dewall

1973-girls_basketball-4.jpg (28788 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1973-74
Lynn Neugent

1973-boys_basketball-01.jpg (21743 bytes)
RHS Boys Basketball - 1973-74
Randy Martin, Al Sroufe, Gus Brinkman, Pat Shimon

1973-boys_basketball-02.jpg (37891 bytes)
RHS Boys Basketball - 1973-74
Gus Brinkman, Randy Martin

1973-boys_basketball-03.jpg (40540 bytes)
RHS Boys Basketball - 1973-74
Al Sroufe

1973-basketball_cheerleaders01.jpg (36501 bytes)
RHS Basketball Cheerleaders - 1973-74
Hope Howard, Audrey Ricklefs, Karen Bierstedt, Jeanette Behrendsen

1973-basketball_cheerleaders02.jpg (21069 bytes)
RHS Basketball Cheerleader - 1973-74
Audrey Ricklefs

1973-rhs_football-1.jpg (15863 bytes)
RHS Football - 1973

1973-rhs_football-2.jpg (24582 bytes)
RHS Football - 1973

1973-softball-3.jpg (30589 bytes)
RHS Softball - 1973
Julie Brinkman, Jeanell Winkleblack

1973-softball-2.jpg (30506 bytes)
RHS Softball - 1973
Joyce Brinkman

1973-softball-1.jpg (28773 bytes)
RHS Softball - 1973
Linda Pedersen

1973-jazz_band-2.jpg (30777 bytes)
Jazz Band - 1973
Lynn Robinson, Julie Brinkman, Al Sroufe, Joe Shimon

1973-jazz_band-1.jpg (34954 bytes)
Jazz Band - 1973
Rosemary Pease

1973-jazz_band-3.jpg (37085 bytes)
Jazz Band - 1973
Randy Martin

1973-swing_choir-1.jpg (44120 bytes)
Swing Choir - 1973
Hope Howard, Dave Spencer, Louise Gunderson, Gaius Ives

1973-girls_basketball-5.jpg (38080 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1972-73

1972-homecoming_court-2.jpg (35150 bytes)
Homecoming Court - 1972
Lynn Robinson, Louise Gunderson, Michele Pomerenke

1972-homecoming_court-1.jpg (33700 bytes)
Homecoming Court - 1972
Louise Gunderson, Greg Sinek, Rick Johnson

1972-girls_basketball_crowd.jpg (27591 bytes)
Girls Basketball Crowd - 1971-72

1972-girls_basketball-1.jpg (32055 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1971-72
Carol Wiegert, Karen Brinkman, Julie Brinkman

1972-girls_basketball-2.jpg (49984 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1971-72
Carol Wiegert, Julie Brinkman

1972-girls_basketball-3.jpg (45126 bytes)
Girls Basketball - 1971-72
Karen Brinkman

class_1972.JPG (46207 bytes)
Class of 1972 circa 1966
Rolfe annual photo files

Cheryl Rickard VanDeVoorde (RHS 1971) has commented (May 2009):
I am the one to the far left in the middle row-next to Jim Jordan. This was Mrs. Niccoson's 2nd and 3rd grade class, so this would have been the classes of 1971 and 1972...I was in 3rd grade. The names of the people in the picture are: back row: Karen Ripperger, _____ Gulbranson, Barb Spencer, Ruth Mumford, Middle row, Cheryl Rickard, James Jorden, Bill Shimon, Marilyn Rasmusson, Front row: David Loxterkamp, Gary Allen, Burton Sanden, and Paul Kipfer.

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