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Class of 1974 in Kindergarten, 1962

Row 1: Jeanelle Winkleblack, Larry Nelson, Matt Eccles, Doug Hilton, Karen Bierstedt, Connie Henderson
Row 2: blank, Julie Brinkman, Steve Hulgan, Denise McKim, Karen Zeeman, blank
Row 3: Jim Hilton, John Beckord, Donna Rickard, Ray Schoon, Johnnie Weismuller, Al Kuchenreuther

Doug Hilton sent us this photo. He said in his email, "I was digging thru some old photos today and found the attached.  Noted on the back is 1962 teacher Miss Hansen. It is the kindergarten class of 1974.  Well it is one half of the class of 74, the section I was in. I am 4th from left in the bottom row. Yes, I can name almost all of the people in the photo.....but a few are blank in my head.   (30 yrs since graduation.....and my senior moment is here sometimes)."

Curt Pederson wrote back to us with the names he could identify. Thanks, Curt.


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