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RHS alumni Web site editor, Helen Gunderson, created a video in 2008 when her father, Deane Gunderson (RHS 1935) celebrated his 90th birthday. He died on July 1, 2010, and it seems fitting to post that video for others to enjoy. Helen's vision was that the clips would not focus Deane specifically but show him in the context of his farm, family, friends, and the Rolfe community and allow others a view not only of Deane but perhaps of themselves.



1970s Leisure on the Gunderson Farm
music by Emily Anderson




Early 1970s Farming in Roosevelt Township



1970s Couples Club Card Party at the Gunderson Home
music by Emily Anderson



Gunderson Family at Lake Okoboji 1970s
accordion music by Rod Dense



Deane Gunderson's Farm and Farm Shop 1970s
music by Emily Anderson



Marion and Deane Gunderson 50th Wedding Anniversary 1991



Moving a USDA Quonset Building from Rolfe
to the Gunderson Farm 1992
music by Emily Anderson



The Final Service at the Rolfe Presbyterian Building 1995



Greater Rolfe Days Parade 2000



Razing the Corn Crib at the Gunderson Farm 2005



Rolfe High School All-class Reunion 2005
accordion music by Rod Dense



Razing the Rolfe High School Building 2006



Deane and His Cy Statue at RAGBRAI in Rolfe 2007
accordion music by Rod Dense



Deane's 90th Birthday Celebration
at the Rolfe Community Center 2008
music by Emily Anderson


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