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1917 Time Capsule
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This time capsule was found in 2006 in the rubble of the cornerstone of Rolfe's three-story school building. It most likely had been there since 1917, when the facility was built. It is a pale blue, metal box with spots of rust and measures six inches wide, four-and-a-half inches high, and 11 inches long and has a loose top.
The box and another left by the class of 1928 were opened by directors of the Pocahontas Area Community School District at a public ceremony on July 8, 2006, at the Rolfe Community Center. The only contents of the 1917 box were fragile, damaged legal documents related to the bond election to build the school and yellowed copies of the Rolfe Arrow newspaper from August 17 and 31 and November 16, 1916.

Several years ago, the Rolfe Arrow was microfilmed, and the editions of the paper found in the time capsule should be available on microfilm at the Pocahontas Public Library and the State Historical Society of Iowa offices in Des Moines.

We will be posting highlights only from those papers and will begin with material from the August 31 edition. The files will be low resolution JPEG files for screen viewing; however, they are not created to print well. Please contact RHS web site editor Helen Gunderson if you have questions, suggestions, or requests.

Posting completed on August 11, 2006.

Legal documents August 2, 1916, school board meeting

August 3, 1916, certification of public notice of school bond election (257 kb)

Rolfe Arrow
August 31, 1916

Front page articles (887 kb)
  • An assessment of the condition of the old school and a consultant's recommendations for a new school.
  • Vote fails to consolidate Roosevelt and Garfield Township country schools with the Independent School District of Rolfe.
  • The Hub store in Gilmore City was robbed by silk thieves.
  • A cartoon about the women's suffrage movement and presidential candidate Charles Evans Hughes.
  • Miscellaneous other.

List required textbooks (262 kb)

Legal documents Auditor's certification of taxable and assessed values of the school district for 1914 and 1915 (142 kb)

August 31, 1916, ballot for bond election

August 31, 1916, judge's certification of election returns (211 kb)

Rolfe Arrow
September 7, 1916
Masthead with illustration of new school (180 kb)

School bond election coverage (182 kb)

Floor plans for new school building

Article about families divided by politics (168 kb)

Car advertisement (169 kb)

School days advertisement (131 kb)

Legal documents September 26, 1916, minutes of special school board meeting "for the purpose of selling $65,000 issue of school bonds" (154 kb)

October 5, 1916, affidavit of publication of notice of bond election (243 kb)

Rolfe Arrow
November 16, 1916
Report about board letting contract for new school (365 kb)

Story about Rolfe's winning football team (82 kb)

Legal documents Miscellaneous scraps (172 kb)

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