Pocahontas Area Community Schools
Commencement Remarks

by Superintendent Dennis Pierce

Would the class of 2001 please stand? OK, you gals and guys really look sharp. You know, I must  be getting old, because I can remember the days that Tricia Pattee ran around in diapers. And I can remember the time when Chase Powers was bashful. And I also remember when Chris Vrba could only eat only a dozen pancakes and six hamburgers

But what I remember most about your class is all the success you have had. Amazing! Amazing! And (do) you realize you won six conference championships? That’s a bunch — especially when there are only seven or eight. And all the conference champions in girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, girls’ track, boys’ track, boys’ golf, girls’ golf. Amazing. And then you go on to become the state champions in mock trial. And from there you go to represent the state of Iowa at the nationals in Omaha and win it all. Unbelievable! Your wrestling team goes down for the first time ever to the state duals. Unbelievable! Your drill team is winners in state competition. Think about that. State participants in track, golf. Division One ratings in speech, instrumental music, vocal music. All the honors that you’ve had.

You know, but what’s most important of all? Is that you excelled in the academics. Your class graduates three Iowa scholars and one national merit scholar. Fifty-six out of 68 of you graduating today are going on to further their education.

You know, I feel pretty darn good about turning this great country over to your leadership in the future. All of you, I’m sure, will have tremendous success in your endeavors down the road. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you and thank you. And remember one thing. Don’t forget where you came from.

Mr. Witt, the class of 2001, has completed the requirements for the State Department of Education and the Pocahontas Area Board of Education, and they are now ready to receive their diplomas.