From Jerry Farlow
RHS Class of 1955
July 14, 2006

Reason Iím writing is I just collected my favorite writing links off my fav list on my browser. Here they are. Hope you find them useful.

1. Teaching writing using computers

2. Links to pages on writing

3. Encyclopedia (just a reference)

4. Index to literature sites

5. You enter a word Ö you can find words that rhyme, synonyms, etc

6. Rogetís thesaurus online (keep this page open when you write)

7. Cool Shakespeare site (the bard actually reads to you)

8. Poe website (the best Poe site)

9. Library of Congress

10. Translate any language into any other language ( ?? )

11. English majors should have at least one general math webpage

12. Writerís resource

13. Reference to 100 top novels

14. Overall good reference page

ONLINE DICTIONARIES: easy lookup + pronouncers


Logos - 188 languages:

VOA Pronunciation Guide: for names in the news

OTHER RELATED RESOURCES "great books" online

Shakespeare's Complete Works: search and read all of it

BBC Styleguide: new from the Beeb, PDF format only

Economist Style Guide: from the British newspaper, newly revamped

CJR's Language Corner: tips from Ev Jenkins, master editor

SAJA Stylebook: links to other style guides